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The automotive industry in Indonesia plays an important role to the national economic growth. Attracted by low per capita-car ownership, low labour costs and a rapidly expanding middle class, various global car manufacturers have decided to greatly invest to expand  production capacity in Indonesia.

Driven by combined experienced perspective of market trend, trusted international principals and supported by dedicated technical expertise, Lautan Luas Group offers total solution for metal finishing industry.          

Durable and Sustainable Autoparts

We are committed to bring innovations to the automotive manufacturers through strong resources, development and collaboration. We have designed environment durability and sustainability of the coating that are expected to serve as key market challenge over the period. By delivering innovative products, We help the vehicles to look new longer and be easier to be maintained and keep clean.

We ensure to deliver high quality products in collaboration with global prominent players and support our customers in formulation through our experienced technical and development team.


  1. Electroplating chemical
  2. Pre-treatment
  3. Additives

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Metal Finishing Solution Expert:
1. Market Intelligence
2. Formulation Optimization & technical support
3. Pilot Plant trial and prototyping
4. In House Training
5. Inventory Management System

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