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Industrial, Drinking, Process & Waste Water

Clean water is a crucial need with growing demand  for both industrial and household sectors. With over 30 years of experience, Lautan Luas presents expert in water treatment, supported by experienced personnel and team.

Lautan Luas offers customized water management with the latest methods and techniques as well as end-to-end services that can be designed based on customer needs in providing innovative, advanced and reliable water treatment solutions.

With a track record of partnering with various industries in Indonesia, we strives to expand our expertise in raw water, wastewater, industrial water, drinking water and other water treatment-related chemicals to ensure all customers are supported by water treatment services, which even can be tailored based on their needs.


  • Water Works
  • Waste Water
  • Basic Chemicals
  • Utilities/Process Water
  • Construction



  1. Operation & Maintenance Services (Chemical package with operators)
  2. Custom Formulation
  3. In-house training & Consultation                                                       

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