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Lautan Luas Vietnam CFS (Customer Focused Selling) & VAN (Value Added Negotiation) Training

On March 14-16, 2023, Lautan Luas Vietnam organize skills training courses for sales teams, including CFS (Customer Focused Selling) & VAN (Value Added Negotiation). The training was attended by regional companies from Thailand and China. The training course led by 2 experts from Lautan Luas Indonesia, Ms. Christine Gunawan and Ms. Jessica Tampi is extremely talented and professional, giving the sales team a lot of experience, valuable skills, helping to develop and improve skills as well as effective sales strategies.

The training course only lasted for 3 days, but all sales team members of Vietnam, Thailand and China made really efforts and focus, which contributed to the success of the training program.

Sales training is a valuable investment that Lautan Luas cares about and strives to maintain every year. Sales training can help sales teams acquire and refine their skills, techniques, and strategies for sales success and customer satisfaction. By following some sales training best practices, Lautan Luas aims to deliver truly effective and impactful sales training programs.


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